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You want style inspo that is practical and applicable to your lifestyle

You want to learn ways to create easy, elevated outfits that make you feel confident each day

You’re tired of never knowing what to wear

You want the tools that will help you sustain a wardrobe you feel good in

You love new ideas that encourage you to try something new

You want to belong to a toxic-free supportive community that relates to you 

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 I am loving the Style Social so far. I've been working from home for over a year now, so this is really helping me reset my style! My monthly favorites are the Outfit Ideas and Shopping Boards, especially when they're in the video formats!

tiffany m.


I love the Style Social. Gianna truly offers things that you can't find by simply scrolling social media. She lets us know about the best sales and puts together such inspirational looks. One of the best parts about the membership is the live events which feature great guest speakers.

She always makes her members feel comfortable to ask her anything at anytime. If you're looking to do something for yourself, this is a great place to start! 

marisa s. 


Gianna, thank you so much for fitting my husband with the perfect suit! Very classy & love the custom fit.

Your door to door service was perfect for his busy schedule! Looking forward to going out in style.

tracey t. 

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I started The Style Social as a way for women to access the style inspiration they desire without having to depend on social media to find what they need. I wanted to create a one-stop destination for wardrobe advice, style inspiration, and an empowering community.

More often than not, scrolling on social media leaves us feeling more negative than before we opened the app. Between comparing ourselves to others, feeling division among our peers, and wasting time with mindless activity, it’s time to protect our energy and focus on uplifting ourselves in positive ways.

The Style Social is a platform for personal style only - a place where women can come for inspiration, optimism, support, and personal development. Hope to see you in there! 

Hi, I'm Gianna


Why should I join if I can still get content for free on Pinterest & Instagram?

The Style Social offers a more curated approach to delivering personal style inspiration & resources. You can absolutely still find great content on social media, but if you’d rather avoid spending countless hours scrolling, negativity, & figuring out what actually suits your personal style, then you’re in the right place. 

What if the other members don’t relate to the same wardrobe issues I have?

You’d be surprised at how many women experience the same issues as you & it’s a great relief to know you’re not alone. This is why the private community aspect of the membership is so important- it allows you to connect with women who relate to you, whether that’s other moms, professionals, or singles just to name a few. While a new community can sound daunting, group coaching ends up being people’s favorite part of programs because they gain a safe sense of belonging & realize they are not alone in the problems they face. 

How will I know when the monthly content has been posted?

Monthly content will be released at the beginning of each month with shopping boards dripped throughout. The online events are typically held toward the end of each month. You will receive an email notifying you when new content is ready for you to enjoy! 

What if I feel The Style Social isn’t for me?

No worries. Both annual & monthly memberships can be cancelled anytime. Cancellations terms & conditions are noted during checkout. 

If I don’t join now, can I become a member later?

Absolutely. In order to be fair to current members who pay for access, I’ve decided to open enrollment 1x/quarter. The membership is going open for enrollment again in September 2021. Price will eventually increase, but you will be grandfathered into whatever price you paid when you signed up. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will lose your initial access pricing & will have to rejoin at the current enrollment price. 

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• Access to all monthly content
• Personal stylist on-demand
• Can cancel anytime

best value // 2 months Free!

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