Create one of a kind garments tailored to your body type & personal style 

Custom Clothing

Available for both men and women. Appointments are complimentary.

Perfect for those looking to replicate their favorite pieces or can't set up an in-person appointment

The Pattern Program

Choose which garments you'd like to replicate and customize in other fabrics. 

Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment to select fabrics and custom options.

Just four easy steps!

Send in garments being replicted with a pre-paid shipping label 

Receive both your new and sent garments back within 3-6 weeks!

Working with Gianna was the first time I tried custom clothing and it was a game changer. I have an athletic body that's hard to fit and have been so impressed with the quality and service I've received from her. My favorite part is that the process is convenient and seamless. Custom is only one-click or text away. I highly recommend Gianna for anyone looking to upgrade their personal style. 

ryan l.

Gianna helped me feel stylish and beautiful at a time when I struggled to feel that way.

Totally worth it. Highly recommend.

ashley j.

Gianna, thank you so much for fitting my husband with the perfect suit! Very classy & love the custom fit.

Your door to door service was perfect for his busy schedule! Looking forward to going out in style.

tracey t.