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About Gianna Nucci Style

Personal style is a powerful tool that everyone has to ability to take control of and use to empower themselves - not just the rich and famous!

I'm a practical personal stylist that loves to help others go from struggling to stylish and conquer their days with confidence - whether they are chasing after two kids or presenting to executives in a boardroom.

I feel very grateful for the opportunity to impact other's lives while doing what I love. 

I was an awkward, shy child who had a love for fashion from a young age. Personal style was my creative outlet and way to express myself in a way I didn't know how. 

I believe that how we dress is absolutely connected to how we feel about ourselves and the way we're perceived by society. Since starting my business in 2017, I've watched men and women transform themselves by simply aligning their wardrobes with who they are and the lifestyles they live.

founder, Gianna Nucci Style 

Gianna Nucci 

I choose faith over fear - always

Very into animal print and will buy anything with a tiger on it. 

Did someone say I'm an Aries?

Middle child of three, so obviously special. 

Loves to travel, hates to fly. 

Will forgive for flowers.

enjoys sweets &
working them off 

Thanks! I'll be in touch x0x

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Climb Machu Picchu in Peru

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Walk a Red Carpet 

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Be a part of a festival of lights

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